The Rogers’ Stairs

St Ives

The Rogers’ stairs was an attempt at a break in convention. The brief was driven by several factors, a central stairwell of modest size, an amalgamation of traditional and contemporary form, the use of long lasting sustainable materials, and the clients desire for quiet impact.

The Rogers home is a Victorian granite farmhouse in St Ives that has undergone complete renovation, contemporised in direct contrast to the farmhouse’s Cornish aesthetic. With this in mind, the stair needed to express this meeting of old and new. Ordinarily, convention in a stairwell of this shape and size would call for something more obvious. The shape of the central stair spine is a strong sculptural form, a tipping of the hat “if you will”, to the Towns Art heritage. A laminated ribbon that negates the need for general newel to newel construction, whilst the outer strings and treads conform to the traditional. The steel handrail appears to float, following the curve of the stair, only breaking off to Swan neck, and then continue its requirement of surety.

The outcome, is a staircase that personifies form and function.


Cornish oak, birch plywood, tulipwood, steel

Gekko Design

Matty Snelling